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India: Amritsar

A day in culture heavy Amritsar

by Shraddha Singh

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The beautiful cultural capital of India’s northwestern state Punjab, Amritsar is a heaven for tourists and travelers. Many people make sure they visit this place at least once in their life. Known for the bravery of the locals, this place has a rich cultural heritage and historical relevance, especially during the end of the British rule in India. Do make sure you put this place up on your must-visit list and make a memorable trip to this colorful abode. Alternatively, the best thing to do is to take a one-day tour to the place, as that would be thrilling and filling at the same time. Yes, a day in Amritsar will be enough to know the city and drench yourself in the richness of the culture. Travel to Amritsar and make the best of your one-day experience.

The Historical Morning:

The most beautiful way to start your day is to pay a visit to the Golden Temple, our air-conditioned cab directly picking you up from the airport. Surrounded by Lake Amrit Sarovar, the pilgrimage site is crowded with visitors, yet the vicinity is kept so prim and proper, clean and green. You can have some refreshments in the Langar house of the temple that serve meals to whoever visits the temple. This is one of the largest Langars in the country. Next in line is the site of the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre. A mute witness to the infamous massacre of April 1919, this place now has a memorial right next to the martyr’s well where people jumped to save themselves from the firing bullets. Many bullet marks are still prevalent on the site that gives you Goosebumps thinking about the grave incident.  

amritsar photograph, amritsar ohoto, amritsar langar photo, amritsar travel and talk photo


The Sumptuous Luncheon:

When in Punjab, be like a Punjabi. The best part of visiting North India is trying out its cuisine. After a tour of the Golden Temple and Jallianwallah Bagh in the Morning, you can check out Dhabas like Pal da Dhaba if you are craving some exotic chicken or mutton reparations. The mouth watering dishes will not let you leave the place so soon. If you are a vegetarian, you can visit Bharawan da Dhaba and enjoy a hearty meal with a scrumptious spread of vegetarian dishes.

The Late Afternoon:

While you are high on the authentic “Punjabi khana”, take a lovely trip to the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum along the fantastic roads. It is close to the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre site and is now home to the belongings of the Raja, currencies, artifacts, swords, and amours. Spend a good time knowing about the history of the kingdom as you stroll down the place. Gradually make your way towards the Wagah Border, crossing Jallianwallah Bagh. This place is sure to send a chill down your spine. The parade starts at 5 pm but if you want a seat in the gallery and witness the enchanting spectacle, reach by 2 pm for the best. It is an experience of a lifetime and will fill you with patriotism. The grand march will fuel your patriotic spirits and make you feel so proud of your country and its soldiers.

amritsar photograph, amritsar ohoto, amritsar maharaja ranjit singh war museum photo, amritsar travel and talk photo


On A Shopping Spree:

The best part of the trip is taking back a piece of the place with you, in the form of a token or a souvenir. The best to do in this same day Amritsar tour is to shop for the things that are the speciality of the place. Like, in Amritsar, you can pay a visit to the Kapra Bazar and purchase some Phulkari cloth, which is handmade, Patiala salwar, colorful dupatta, and chunnis. The world-famous shoe store is the one at Pink plaza named Raunak Store that is famous for selling traditional leather footwear, coined “juttis” by the Punjabis. Dine out at Mame da Dhaba or Beera chicken corner this time, followed by a dessert spread of Amritsari Lassi, jalebi and Gajar ka Halwa to soothe your heart.

amritsar photograph, amritsar ohoto, amritsar photo, amritsar travel and talk photo

Mark your calendar and book your tickets in advance as we plan your entire day tour of Amritsar that will remain etched as a memory forever. The best is to have impulse and enthusiasm as your companion on this adventurous tour.