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Countries A-Z

CountryWhen to goBudget per dayAccommodationGetting Around
ArgentinaAnytime$40-60Hostels from $12Buses
AustraliaNovember-April$60-75Hostels from $15Buses/Trains/Planes
BelgiumApril - September$50-70Hostels from $15Trains and Buses
BoliviaMay - October$35-50Guesthouses from $15Buses
BrazilDecember to March$50-75Hostels from$20Buses
CambodiaNovember-May$20-40Hostels from $4/ Guesthouses from $12Buses
CanadaMay - September$50-70Hostels from $20Buses and Trains
ChileNovember - March$50-70Hostels from $18Buses
ChinaMarch-May / September – November$45-60Hostels from $20Trains are preferable, buses are improving.
ColombiaAnytime$40-50Hostels from $10Buses
Costa RicaDecember-April$30-40Guesthouses from $15Buses
CroatiaApril - September$40-60Hostels from $15Trains and Buses
Czech RepublicApril - September$40-60Hostels from $15Trains and Buses
EgyptOctober - April$25-40Guesthouses from $10Trains and Buses
HaitiAnytime$60-75Hotels from $40Buses
HungaryApril - September$40-60Hostels from $15Trains and Buses
IcelandJune - August$60-80Hostels from $20Buses / Car
IndiaOctober - March$20-40Guesthouses from $8Trains and Buses
IranOctober - November$60-70Guesthouses from $30Buses
IrelandMay - September$50-70Hostels from $15Buses and Trains
ItalyMarch - October$40-60Hostels from $10Trains and Buses
JapanMarch - October, Cherry Blossom season is early May$60-80Hostels from $30Trains
KenyaMay - SeptemberHeavily dependant on your activitiesHotels from $30Buses and Planes
LaosNovember - March$25-40Guesthouses from $10Buses
LebanonMay and October$70-90Hotels from $35Buses
MexicoMarch - May and September - October$40-60Guesthouses from $20Buses and Trains
MoroccoSeptember-October and February - April$40-60Guesthouses from $15Trains and Buses
MyanmarNovember - February$25-40Guesthouses from $10Buses
NepalSeptember-November$20-40Guesthouses from $5Buses
New ZealandOctober - March$60-80Hostels from $15Buses
NorwayJune - August$70-90Hostels from $25Trains and Buses
OmanOctober - April$50-70Guesthouses from $11Buses and car
PanamaAnytime$40-60Guesthouses from $10Buses
PeruMay - September$40-60Guesthouses from $10Buses
PolandJune - September$40-60Hostels from $10Trains and Buses
PortugalMarch - October$50-70Hostels from $10Trains and Buses
Puerto RicoMid April - June$30-50Guesthouses from $20Buses
RussiaJune$40-60Hostels and Guesthouses from $15Train
South AfricaNovember - February$50-70Hostels from $20Buses
South KoreaApril - September$50-70Hostels from $15Train
SpainMarch - October$40-60Hostels from $10Trains and Buses
ThailandAnytime$30-50Guesthouses from $10Trains and Buses
The NetherlandsMay - September$50-70Hostels from $10Trains
TurkeySeptember - November and March - May$40-60Guesthouses from $25Trains and Buses
UgandaJune - AugustHeavily dependant on your activitiesGuesthouses from $10Buses and Planes
United KingdomJune - September$50-70Hostels from $15Trains and Buses
USAAnytime$50-70Hostels from $20Buses and Trains
VietnamMarch - May and October - November$35-50Hostels from $5Trains and Buses
ZimbabweMay - OctoberHeavily dependant on your activitiesGuesthouses from $20Planes and Buses

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