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Please only take these as general guidelines. Within reason general articles can be any length but should be at least 300 words. Articles should be lively and entertaining and humour is definitely welcome and appreciated. They should also ideally contain key information on a destination. However, the most important point is that if it’s a good, well written article the chances are we will publish it.

Bringing the smells, sounds, and sights to life is just as important as telling us about any tours, trips or expeditions you took. And of course photographs are always helpful.

At the moment, we are unfortunately not able to offer payment, although I hope this will change in the near future. However this is a great way to build up a portfolio of published work. You retain copyright over your work and if you do manage to sell it elsewhere, please let us know.

Please email submissions to

Photographs should please be sent as Jpegs.

Many thanks for reading and enjoy your travels