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USA: Las Vegas

Tips for the Solo Traveller visiting the Vegas strip

by Don Santiago

Every year, approximately forty-two million people visit Las Vegas, Nevada, with about five million of these visitors attending one of the twenty-two thousand events or meetings that are being held. Despite the successful marketing campaign of, “What happens here, stays here”, depicting groups of people reflecting on what may be a not so memorable time, just might be misleading for what do you do if you’re one of those visiting as a single traveler? The answer is quite simple, there are plenty of options.

First, let’s start with lodging. With thousands of rooms available, there are two factors to consider in where to stay: price and location.  But given the many hotels on the strip alone, price may be the priority for the ease of getting around makes the location non-essential. Though most single travellers may prefer a king size bed, a quick comparison reveals that two queen beds are almost the same price. And there is nothing wrong with an extra bed to lay your clothes or those papers needed for the next day’s meeting. When choosing a hotel, factor in the price of the resort fee- a mandatory charge at almost all of the hotels and, you may also want to inquire on Wi-Fi availability. Most of the hotels on the strip include internet connection, but not all offer a connection in the room and instead, offering it only on the main floor. 

While also choosing a hotel, there may be the concern of getting around. Renting a car or driving is not a problem for there are plenty of parking spaces but be forewarned, not all of them are free.  However, manoeuvring down the strip especially at night is not only time consuming but also a hassle because of heavy traffic due to both vehicles and pedestrians. The easiest way is to park your car once (if you actually need one) and walk, with the other options being: taking one of the numerous cabs available, the bus which is the most convenient for getting downtown, or ride sharing services such as Uber or Lyft. You can also take one of the two monorails on the south strip but one of them does have a charge. Walking is the most preferred though not desirable during the summer, and also the most popular enabling you to not only admire the lights, the architectural designs and also, people watching – both street performers and fellow visitors.

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Next is the vast array of dining options ranging from the big chain offerings of quick and inexpensive, to the exquisite experiences offered from top chefs from all around the world. Do you have a normal routine of heading out for lunch during your work day and picking up a sandwich? Do you love watching cooking shows hosted by a famous chef that is now known by one name such as Flay, DeLaurentis, Ramsey or Emeril? Vegas offers both and for singles, dining at the bar may be the best bet and only option depending on your preferred dining time and without requiring a reservation.  On a recent trip, a table for one was accessible when eating at six-o’clock on a mid-week stay and without a wait. Also, many of these restaurants do offer a lunch menu with many of the same choices offered for dinner, yet at a lower cost albeit a smaller plate. Again, price is the factor depending on your budget and if not in your price range, as it is well known, the buffet is always a good choice but prepare for long lines.

Now after a long day of meetings and a full stomach, do you still have the energy to experience the nightlife of Vegas? There is no better time than at night from the numerous shows, nightclubs with well-known DJ’s, to the casino floor, to even doing nothing but finding a seat and observe the variety of people from the fashionable, to the roller coaster of emotions that can be seen on those who are testing their lady luck. Choices are based on your tastes and interests but be on the lookout for numerous offers and discounts. Some experiences are free such as the Rio Hotel and Casino’s nightly show, or the themed art exhibitions at the Bellagio or Wynn hotels. And be sure not to miss the street performers- impersonators, dancers and yes, some questionably talented singers.

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Other entertainment options besides the concerts and musicals do have a cost such as Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the roller coaster rides at New York, New York, or at the Stratosphere. Keep in mind that there can be two prices displayed: one is for Nevada residents for there is no sales tax and one for non-residents. Nevada residents must present their government issued identification in order to get their price.

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But if you’re worried about personal safety, as always take precautions but it shouldn’t be a deep concern for there are plenty of visible law enforcement officers on bicycle, on foot or in cars making their presence known on the strip. In the casinos itself, there are thousands of cameras and their security staff are ready to assist if needed. As usual, take advantage of the in-room safe (if available) or also, speak to the front desk and they can also assist in locking up your valuables.

If the meetings have exhausted you, the nightlife, and neither shopping nor gambling have little interest, then a spa and/or salon treatment may appeal to you and depending on the time of the year, relaxing by the pool. All spa treatments come with a day pass use of their fitness center (if available) enabling you to work those calories off you’ve built up sampling all the dining options and even more if you haven’t worked it off by just walking. Be sure to check whether or not a surcharge has been added not only for the tip, but another charge has been added for not staying at the hotel. Reservations are highly recommended which can be made in-person or online.

Experiencing Las Vegas by yourself can be enjoyable for the single traveller, no matter your budget or interests. With plenty of people, dining and entertainment options, you will never feel awkward or alone unless that’s your comfort zone. And with all these plethora of options, “What happens here…” can be just between yourself and the entertainment capital of the United States.

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Author Bio: I am Canadian born now lives in the United States. I am also a former airline and hospitality employee who loves to travel solo and also enjoys heading to Las Vegas, just to get away from it all. I have also been published in small market magazines.