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Middle East: Dubai

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

by Jason Gill

The new year has just passed and it’s the perfect time to visit Morning Desert Safari in Dubai. It
includes a variety of activities, which will make up your mood. The red dunes of the desert are
warm and cold at night.

It’s winter and Dubai desert is the perfect place to visit at this time. Families, kids, and friends
from all over the world visits Dubai just to explore Dubai desert. Moreover, it helps you to get
over your stressful time. Morning desert safari in Dubai is an exhilarating and unique way to
experience the beauty and thrill of the desert. A comfortable 4×4 vehicle ride to the desert,
with a friendly and knowledgeable driver, which will spark your mood.

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Famous Activities at the Desert

Dune bashing

This is a thrilling experience where you ride in a 4×4 vehicle through the sand dunes of the
desert. The driver will take you up and down the dunes at high speeds, providing an adrenaline
rush and an opportunity to take in the beautiful desert landscape.

Camel riding

Camel riding is a classic desert experience and a great way to explore the dunes at a slower
pace. You can enjoy a ride on a camel’s back and take in the stunning views of the desert. It is
one of the most exciting rides, you can explore the desert.

Quad biking

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you can take a quad bike and ride over the dunes at high
speeds, which is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. There are different types of bikes. The
charges will depend on them. So, make sure you have decided which bike you want to ride
before booking it.


Similar to snowboarding, sandboarding involves riding down the dunes on a board. It’s a
thrilling experience and a great way to enjoy the sand dunes in a unique way. The ride looks
fantastic when your board slides down the red dunes while the shade of the sun faces you.
Hot air balloon ride

A hot air balloon ride is a peaceful and beautiful way to experience the desert in the morning.
You can see the sunrise over the dunes and take in the serene beauty of the desert. It looks
completely different to look at the desert from above the ground.

Breakfast in the desert

Enjoy a delicious breakfast while watching the sun rise over the desert. It’s a beautiful way to
start your day and take in the stunning scenery around you. The breakfast is appetizing and has
a much organic taste to start your morning.


Falconry is a traditional Emirati sport that involves training and hunting with birds of prey. You
can learn more about this fascinating sport and watch the birds in action during a morning
desert safari.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, morning desert safari is an exquisite journey for your family. You can enjoy camel
rides, quad bike, hot air balloon, and much more in this package.

dubai photo, dubai desert photo, dubai desert safari photo, travel and talk, travel writing jason gill