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Asia: The Himalayas

Kareri Lake Trek: The Spectacular Beauty of Himachal

by Sunil Choudhary


Embarking on th 3-4 day Kareri Lake trek, each step reveals more of the beauty of the Dhauladhar Range.

The journey begins in the quaint village of Kareri. As you traverse through dense pine forests, cross babbling streams, and wind your way through picturesque villages like Bagga and Ghera, the landscape evolves with bursts of colors, from the vibrant greens of the valleys to snow-clad peaks.

Trail Highlights

The trek takes you through dense pine forests, quaint villages, and scenic meadows.You may come across several water streams, wooden bridges, and grazing grounds during the trek.


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Camping is an integral part of the Kareri Lake trek. Trekkers often set up camps near the lake to enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

The night sky over Kareri Lake can be exceptionally clear, offering a mesmerizing view of stars and constellations.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to undertake the Kareri Lake trek is generally from April to June and September to November. During these months, the weather is relatively pleasant, and the trail is accessible.

Difficulty Level

The trek is considered to be of moderate difficulty, suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers. However, it’s important to be prepared for altitude-related challenges.

Starting Point

The trek to Kareri Lake often begins from the village of Kareri, situated in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Trekkers usually reach Kareri village from Dharamshala by road.

Enroute Villages

During the trek, you may pass through several charming villages like Kareri, Bagga, and the Ghera village. These villages provide a glimpse into the local culture and lifestyle of the mountain people.

Kareri River

kareri trek photo, himalayas photo, travel and talk, india photo, travel writing sunil choudhary

The trail follows the Kareri River at various points, and trekkers might have to cross wooden bridges over the river. The gushing sound of the river adds to the overall experience.

Wildlife Encounters

The Dhauladhar Range is home to diverse flora and fauna. While trekking, you might encounter various species of birds, including colorful Himalayan monals, and if you’re lucky, you might spot some wildlife such as the Himalayan tahr or musk deer.


Depending on the time of the year, you might encounter snow on higher reaches of the trail. In winter, the entire landscape is transformed into something of a winter wonderland, then the trek becomes more challenging and may require additional equipment.


The trek offers various beautiful camping spots. One popular camping site is by the lakeside, providing an opportunity to wake up to the reflection of the surrounding peaks in the clear waters of Kareri Lake.

Local Cuisine

Interact with the locals and enjoy the local cuisine. The mountain villages offer a chance to taste traditional Himachali dishes and enjoy local culture.


The Kareri Lake trek is a symphony of nature’s contrasts, combining adventure with stunning scenery. Whether crossing wooden bridges over the Kareri River or marvelling at the changing hues of the valleys, this trek is a testament to the captivating allure of the Himalayas. It leaves trekkers with not just memories of a breathtaking destination but a profound appreciation for the wonders of nature.