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Europe: Norway

A Naked Norweigan

by Meghan Casey

Norway is home to some of the most interesting architecture in all of Scandinavia. From its iceberg shaped Opera House to its bejewelled parliament building, Oslo never ceases to amaze. But one display of Norwegian art has people undressing…I mean talking. Slightly hidden on the outskirts of the city centre, Vigeland Park acts as a barrier between right and wrong. Now don’t get the wrong impression. There are many different kinds of wrong, and this particular case of wrong rides the thin line between shockingly entertaining and completely absurd. Inspired by Frognerparken’s obsession with nudity, the Vigeland Park entrance is scattered with bits and pieces reflecting his life’s work. From his experiences with angry baby syndrome to creating the world’s biggest orgy, Frognerparken’s hands work wonders.

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The best part about the whole display is that while sheltered tourists flock to the park with draw dropping anticipation, camera in one hand and smelling salts in the other, the locals couldn’t be bothered. On a sunny day the Norwegians all seem quite at ease with this appalling display of nudity. They spread themselves out on the green for a quick nap,catch a few rays next to the angry baby, and throw plastic discs between rows and rows of buns of steel.

With many of us growing up in “shh” societies, I can’t help but wonder if we’ve gone one step too far in covering up what we were never meant to hide. It was exhilarating to say the least to let loose and have a little fun, to embrace an art form we really shouldn’t get all sweaty palmed and flush faced about. So I say hats off to the Frog man for showing us the goods and reminding us all of what’s hiding beneath those trench coats and galoshes.