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5 Ways to Enjoy Scenic and Nature-Related Activities in Delray Beach

by Joseph Ciccanti

Do you need a break from your busy schedule? Are you looking to escape the cold?

Maybe you just love the outdoors, picturesque scenery, and the variety found in nature.

A great place to relax and take in those tropical delights is the Sunshine State. 

Taking a vacation to Florida sounds exciting, especially in the winter. You can certainly feel and enjoy the difference. You might go from temperatures in the 30s to sunny and 75 degrees. 

It’s not just the temperatures you’ll love during certain times of the year. 

The setting itself will make you want to stay.

In Delray Beach specifically, you’ll find five ways to enjoy nature and scenery—all with aspects unique to the area.

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Delray Municipal Beach

Enjoy delightful mornings on the beach. As you stand in the sand, imagine gazing at the sunrise as it shines through the clouds.  After spending time in one spot for a while, you stroll along the shore in water temperatures of about 80 degrees. 

During your relaxing walk, you spot sanderlings running up to the shoreline. As the waves fast approach, the birds immediately escape the moving water, which is about to sweep them away. At the start of your day, the temperature climbs to around 75 degrees. The breeze continually makes you feel like you don’t want to go back to the hotel room. 

You can rent a long beach chair for $16 per hour and $64 a day. Alongside the beach chair, you relax under a white or blue umbrella. Bring a book to read, simply relish the waves, or forget the umbrella and take in as much sun as you can. 

Or…you may want to rest in a shaded area such as at the Delray Beach Pavilion.

As much of an attraction as the beach is, it’s not the only option. 

Delray Yacht Cruises

Consider a second water-related activity. Delray Yacht Cruises located off East Atlantic Avenue offers a two-hour narrated ride at an affordable price. 

delray beach photo, miami photo, travel writing joseph ciccanti, travel and talk

You’ll journey south on the Intracoastal Waterway from Delray to Highland Beach and then to Boca Raton. Along the canal, you’ll scan the ritzy homes, many of which have in-ground swimming pools and outdoor lounge chairs. Traveling through an area like this, it comes as no surprise that celebrities own some of those elegant structures.

Sandoway House Nature Center

If you love nature and animals, head over to the Sandoway Discovery Center on South Ocean Boulevard. As you walk into the rooms, you’ll see up close several interesting and unique sea creatures such as the long-spine urchin. You’ll stare into the eyes of another one-of-a-kind life form–the lionfish. Meet up face to face with an alligator. Also, you’ll encounter three-inch-long, brightly colored orange and white clownfish.

If you plod through the incoming waves and undertow, you’ll feel a fibrous, stringy substance wrap around your ankles. You look intently at what appears to be seaweed around your feet, scattered along the shore, and in piles on the sand. At Sandoway, you’ll learn that what you’re stumbling upon is the abundance of sargassum off Florida’s East Coast. Delray Beachgoers can see and feel this type of seaweed for miles as they stroll the shoreline. At the Sandoway facility, you’re welcome to take pictures and bring home those memories from nature.

The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Explore the connection between Japan and South Florida! According to, a group of young Japanese farmers created a community intended to revolutionize agriculture in Florida. The exhibition includes the museum and gardens. At this attraction, you’ll find Japanese art and artifacts on display. You’ll learn about these items, which reflect the rich and diverse culture. Also, take in the scenery with ponds, trees including the Bonsai collection, and waterfalls. Visit and experience this center for Japanese arts and culture at the Gardens located on Morikami Park Road.

Beachfront Hotels in Delray

If you’re looking for a scenic place near the beach, Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort & Spa on 10 North Ocean Boulevard is a great choice. You might want to book a studio suite with an ocean view. Other choices include Delray Breakers on the Ocean, Berkshire by the Sea, Aloft, Seagate Hotel & Spa, Residence Inn by Marriot, and Delray Sands Resort. Check out for more information.

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Other Aspects of Delray

Delray Beach draws people who love activities and the outdoors. As you spend time outside, you’ll see groups of bicyclists riding down North Ocean Boulevard. Also, you’ll pass by joggers, people walking their dogs, couples enjoying the sunrise on the beach, and beachgoers relaxing at the pavilion. 

You’ll find diversity in places where you shop and eat. For dining, you can try Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, or other types of options lined up along East Atlantic Avenue.

In addition, mom-and-pop shops give you a chance to shop for local items unique to the area such as Delray key chains and kitchen supplies.

Stop in at the Delray Beach Visitor Center on the corner of East Atlantic Avenue and North Ocean Boulevard. You’ll learn more information on what activities you can plan for the time frame of your stay.

delray beach photo, miami photo, travel writing joseph ciccanti, travel and talk

Photos: Annie Ciccanti

Need More Info?

Delray Beach is about nine miles north of Boca Raton, 20 to 25 miles south of West Palm Beach, and about an hour north of Miami. Fort Lauderdale is about 28 miles to the south. 

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